Thursday, June 12, 2008

Photos and Fun!

Here are some long awaited pics from projects we have been talking about and working with.

Here we have Whitney reading to some boys at CISNA. These boys love reading and being read to! They sometimes you have like 6 or 7 of them all wanting to see the pictures over your shoulder as you try to read books to them. WHAT A JOY!Below we have Darby teaching and leading the Beginners English class at the LDS Employment Services office. We teach there three afternoons a week and it is so fun to teach people English! We are all really close to the students now and will miss them when we leave. They are always concerned when one teacher is missing and are truly a blessing to work with.

This picture below is for all of the Padre Vito fans out there! Here is Leighann posing with Geovani from the orphanage Padre Vito Guarato. Here´s an comment Christine made about working with Geovani :

" My favorite moment was when a small group of three of us were working under the pavilion and Geovani came "running" toward us on his walker. His legs were pumping as fast as he could…like 30 steps for every foot! He was SO excited to come join us. He was shaking with excitement, had a huge smile on his face, and made sounds of utter glee coming toward us. Finally when he sat down with us, he carefully and patiently took out his box of dominos. I don't think I'll ever forget seeing the smile of delight spread across his face as he looked at his precious box of dominos…..they obviously light up his life. He kept smiling the whole time he played with us. Quite a joy to work with Geovani. Not only is he handsome, and not only does he wear a shirt and tie without fail everyday, but he shares his special spirit with us and it is something marvelous to think about—how he lives with so much grace even with his limitations---and how that is a valiant example to us all. "

Last but definitely NOT least, is a picture of our project lead for CIPI, Ashley Watts. She has been working with CIPI as project lead during the whole wave, and has been doing an amazing job with the help of the other volunteers. Recent projects have included making name tags with each child individually being able to decorate it. The niñeras (nannies) love the work HELP is doing for these sweet toddlers. They are absolutely adorable, and we also feel blessed to serve and love these children every week.