Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wave 2 Initiation Station

Our second wave is fully here, including Andy, Mary and Dusty who arrived a week or so after the main group. Unfortunately (or fortunately) for them they missed out on the main initiation, so we´ll find some way to welcome them formally to this wonderful country. The rest, however, were put to the test the first Friday they were here, and I guess you can say they passed with flying undergarments!

The Challenge:

Brave the central market

Though these pictures don´t do it justice, this place is huge and full of nooks and crannies of the most oddball random items imagineable.

Our second wavers were given the assignment to find the most random item in the following three categories:

  1. Child´s toy/play thing
  2. Item of jewelry
  3. Undergarment (mind you this was presented as anything worn under clothes, including socks, so we don´t feel in any way responsible for the hilarious outcome...ok maybe a little...)
The following Sunday during our weekly planning meeting the treasures were unveiled and winners were chosen, here´s how it played out...

In the Jewelry Category, the winner was...

...Jaclyn with...those things...

For a Child´s Toy the winner was...

...Heidi! This creepy rolly polly clown thing scared the crap out of all of us...

And the Undergarment award went to...

...Erica for her "hoohaw frame" as Jay Porter coined it, lack of material and the fact that it was covered in dirt helped her win this category.

Jessica DeCosta was our overall winner, chosen for her thrifty shopping (she spent all of $1.34 for all three items, quite impressive), the hideous piñata she bought that would only terrify children (it´s better we don´t have a picture I promise), and for being the only one who found an undergarment for men, granted it probably would only be worn on special occasions (again, it´s best that we don´t post pictures...).

Everyone was a great sport, we had a lot of fun, and they all did great braving the crazy market and bargaining with local vendors. Don´t you wish you had come here now!