Tuesday, July 20, 2010

4th of July El Sal style

Ok So we realize that this is quite late in coming seeing how it is now August but we still have so many different posts that we want to make and we are going to start with our 4th of July Bash El Sal Style.

So Heidi´s birthday is on July 5th and her favorite holiday is July 4th. She likes it even more than Christmas, sick, I know! (Just Kidding Heidi!) She decided that if we were going to celebrate the holiday we had to do it right. So we started searching for places where we could buy a ton of fireworks. We hit the jackpot and we may or may not have gone a little crazy. We refuse to tell how much money that we spent though!

Here is Heidi with some of the goods. She was like a kid in a candy story...or a Heidi at a fireworks stand.

Here are the ladies that owned the little firework story. So I´m pretty sure that we made their whole month! They were ecstatic when we asked for more and more fireworks. I think we probably helped them meet their sales quota for that month in just a half hour of shopping. They were so excited they bought us candies and sodas.

Ok these two photos probably need a little explination. You´ve heard of roman candles right? Ok but you may not have heard of a roman candle war. This is apparently a tradition in Tyler´s family. A terrifying but hillarious tradition. So this above, is the warning found on a roman candle and this below is what Tyler looks like when he gets one in his hand...hence the terrifying nature of the whole thing.

To have this roman candle war we decided it would be better to get away from the city (and just any people in general; mostly for their own protection). We headed to the beach Costa Del Sol where Heidi found us a great little hostal that was pretty close to the beach. The ironic thing is that it was surround be a small little fishing village. When the sun went down the poor villagers had no idea what was coming. We started the firecrackers and then the roman candle war. WE talked to a couple of them in the morning and they laughed when we told them that it was us and that we were celebrating our Independence Day. They seemed to understand because they then told us stories of the crazy things they do with firecrackers during Christmas and New Year´s.

Andy testing out the roman candles.

Jeanette was quite a devious roman candle warrior.

This was Heidi´s favorite purchase...well worth it!

As shown.

Andy and Kristy sharing a sparkler.

McCall, Kassandra, Esther, and Jessica jumping with their sparklers

More sparkler fun.

Tyler setting off some smaller fireworks.

Dusty and Esther

Jaclyn showing how it is done with the roman candles