Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The bibliobus has landed

The National Library was a great partner that the 2009 El Sal team worked with for the first time. They worked on helping them out with a Mobile Children's Library (aka the bibliobus), with some marketing posters for increased publicity of the library, among other projects. Funding has changed dramatically, and the beloved bus (pronounced "boos") overheats too much to take it out of the city.

As this summer progressed it looked like due to the changes in the Library's support (aka removal of it) we worried that potential projects had diminished. Interest continue to increase in working in literacy projects as the second wave arrived, so we pushed to at the very least support the few local bus outings that the library is still able to sponsor a year.

Apparently some books are just not for everybody.

Volunteers were able to participate in reading stories to kids at local elementary schools and help while they watched a puppet skit about reading.

All in all, the campaigns were short and few, but very sweet.


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