Tuesday, July 15, 2008

American Idol!

We were very privilaged to join Padre Vito as they battled it out to gain the title of Padre Vito Superstar. The participatants were all excited to be a part of the night and we were all impressed by their talent. Mike, Rachel and I (Sarah ) all dressed up as the judges. We couldn´t help but give everyone tens (except for Mike was playing Simon so he had to be a little harsh). Each contestant wore the special sunglasses and sang their hearts out. They all wanted to do a second round they loved it so much. We as volunteers were also given a shot...let´s just say that we didn´t do too hot. But the kids who judged us were very gracios. They gave Rachel a 10 and me a 9. And they loved Mike. In the end we decided everyone was a winner..because in reality all of these kids are. They are so special and just want to be loved. And that´s something priceless that we can give them.