Friday, July 4, 2008


We were so excited to spend Tuesday with the Microfinance organization named ASEI. One of their smaller offices was in Cojutepeque and we were able to travel with Licenciada Rodriguez to visit the village bank in a village there.
ASEI started working with community banks in 1993 and mainly services women. The number of people in a village bank lies between 6-35. This office services 250 village banks, they have only 7 promoters in that reigon and they have only one office to service these 1450 clients! Talk about busy busy!
The specific village bank we observed consisted of 18 women (that´s a LOT of people!) and they were all from the same village. Their loan amount was over $3,000 and they seemed so united and happy. Their village bank has been together for over 4 years and they were there for their second payment over the 4 month loan period.
We were able to visit these small businesses that varied from tortilla making, to small tiendas to a bakery. It was wonderful to hear their stories and share this experience and excitement with them. It was such a learning experience for all of us, truly it was a joy.