Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hard proof of our Hard work

HELP Volunteers work all day, all night, and sometimes even more! While the extreme efforts that our volunteers put forth to make real lasting and effective changes in the lives of those we serve, sometimes it's fun to prove just how hard we really work. Note all the many places we find suitable to pass-out from exhaustion.

First location, and by far the favorite... on the bus:

Next, any other means of travel by land:

When wheels aren't available, we'll take travel by water:

Not that this comes as a shock, but hammocks are also a popular spot:

In reality, volunteers can easily fall asleep during a variety of activities:

Renewing your tourist visa.

Talking on the phone.

In the middle of a meeting (tsk tsk).

Or feeding your young (okay, so this one we just wanted to put in and so we found an excuse to, sue us).

Oftentimes the bus doesn't show up soon enough, so some Country Directors, who are extra tired, might doze off before it shows up...on the side of the road while waiting for the bus...

When it comes down to it, our lovely cots seem to do the trick as well I guess...

Sometimes not even the whole cot is necessary apparently. Don't knock it until you try it.


Tyler said...

What they said...

Juliann said...

Who are you chinese people and why are you commenting like crazy on all of my blogs?!!??

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