Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Our diversity here is amazing. We have a diverse group of volunteers, Tricia is doing wonders with the handicapped children at CIPI and Padre Vito, Gregan, Mike, and Cody were asked to write a book with Ricardo (the director of ASEI, and microfinancing) which will deal with various models and programs of microbusiness. Hollan, Danyelle and Blanca are moving forward with volunteering at the hospital and are trying to organize nights shifts and surgery observations. Jackie can´t get enough of the CISNA boys and she always has her English lessons so prepared. Kirtley is versatile and works well with all, and laurel is experienced in several areas and is great. All volunteers are willing to help each other out and bring laughter into any situation. Service is not only helping others better themselves but also the giver receives so much learning and experience that I often feel that service helps the giver more. This is a great place, with great people and life couldn´t be better.