Monday, June 18, 2007

Well everyone, the first wave has gone home and the second is now getting comfortable so we´ve finally decided that the time has come to get our blog up and running. Here´s what we´ve been up to... In partnership with Habitat for Humanity we´re working on two homes in Zaragoza outside of San Salvador. We´ve put a lot of sweat into these houses, a lot of sweat.

We´re also working at CISNA, a center for street boys. We teach, read to, play with, and otherwise occupy them during the day. This is so crucial because without a place to be and something to do these kids remain on the street and eventually can become targets for local gangs.

But we´re not through yet (even if the pictures temporarily are). We have groups working with orphans and preschoolers with disabilites and working with at-risk children from infants to teenagers. We have groups volunteering at a local hospital and teaching about dengue prevention. We are teaching local school kids about the wise use of remittances (money sent by family members in the USA to El Salvador which make up a large part of the local GDP). We also teach English three times a week.
So as you can see, we are all very busy, very sweaty, and very happy. Look forward to more pictures in the future and ask about in-home toe surgery for your loved ones.