Saturday, June 30, 2007

Habitat para la Humanidad: June 21, 2007

Those of us 2nd wavers who went to Habitat for Humanity for the second time here are beginning to learn to bring several thousand milliliters of water and eat a hearty breakfast or we would desmayarnos despues de poco tiempo.

Gregan, Cody, Mike, Danyelle, Fred, and Hollan spent a good portion of the day mixing 25 buckets sand (tierra blanca) with one bucket cement which we’d spread across the dirt floor.

We spend the rest of the time temping, or pounding, the ground.

Soon after Hollan and Danyelle left to help out at the Hospital, we were joined by another volunteer group from Ohio– Hope Lutheran Church – an hour before lunchtime. We helped train them on our mixing and temping routine before we went in search of food. To our dismay, the elderly lady who sold us our lunch last week didn’t have anything for us so we continued down the road and was invited in to eat outside a lady’s house after we asked if she was selling any food. We didn’t see any signs or see anything to make us believe she was selling food, but we were more than happy to sit down and be served by this kind lady and her 3 daughters and a son. The son politely noted how Fred was more “chele” than Gregan, Cody, and I. The daughters watched us eat from a corner and giggled as we ate our meat and rice and listened to the reggaeton they had playing on their radio. Satisfied, we returned to our mixing and pounding labors. We took a break to enjoy some guanaba fruit.

The house is coming along very nicely. We are excited to see the progress that will be made next week!